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Homeownership Program

The Housing Authority of Montezuma County in collaboration with Regional Housing Alliance provides CHFA's 1st Time Homebuyers class on a monthly basis.  The class is for prospective homebuyers who are interested in homeownership and down payment assistance for those who qualify.

Many people are in rental situations who could actually afford to purchase a home, but who have never thought of themselves as homeowners.
Is this you?
The transition from renter to homeowner is a big commitment that involves many factors, including potential risks and rewards. As such, it is critical for potential homeowners to be informed consumers.

The Home Buyer Education Program is designed to teach entry-level home buyers the advantages and disadvantages of homeownership and how to navigate the process of buying a home. The intent of the counseling is to create better educated new homeowners and minimize the incidence of default.

The Home Buyer Education Program provides homeownership counseling services for entry-level homeowners, including benefits and hidden costs of homeownership.

Pre-purchase Home Buyer Education ensures that first-time home buyers are informed consumers with regard to all aspects of home ownership. Topics covered include:

  • Credit reports, Money Management, Finance Preparation & Maximizing your credit score.

  • Loan Qualification and Financing Options

  • Shopping for a Home, Offers and Contracts

  • Appraisals & Inspections

  • Mortgage Application Process

  • Closing & Avoiding Foreclosure

  • Home Maintenance / Protecting your investment

A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the class. Call to reserve your space now with the Regional Housing Alliance now at 970-259-1418

Homebuyers Education Class

If no one has registered for the class 24 hours prior to the scheduled time, then the class will be canceled.

There is an On-Line option through the Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) website,

The class is located in the "for Homeowner, Buyers & Apartment Renters" section on the right side of the web page. The information is in the "Homebuyers Education Schedule" . Contact CHFA at 888-877-2354 with any issues you may have with the website.