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Housing Authority of the County of Montezuma
37 N. Madison St.

109 W. Main St.
~Dept. of Social Services - 565-3769
~Food Stamps - 565-3769
~Motor Vehicle Registry - 565-3728
~Leap Office - 565-3769

Job Service
103 N. Chestnut

Chamber of Commerce
928 E. Main St.

Empire Electric (Power Co.)
801 N. Broadway

Atmos Energy (Gas Co.)

Good Samaritan
25 S. Beech St.

Pinon Project Family Center
(Montelores Emergency
Assistance Coalition)

212 W. Montezuma


Salvation Army
201 Pinion Dr.
Cortez, CO.

Planned Parenthood
213 W. North St.

Renew Inc.

Health Department
106 W. North St.

Housing Authority of the
County of Montezuma
37 N. Madison St.
Cortez, CO. 81321
Office: (970) 565-3831
Fax: (970) 565-0860
Office hours:
Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 12:00pm
1:00pm - 3:00 pm

Housing Solutions
295 Grand Dr.
Durango, CO.

Cortez Apartments
620 East Empire
Cortez, CO. 81321
Office: (970) 565-7316


Mesa Park Apartments
880 South Chestnut
Cortez, CO. 81321
Office: (970) 564-0849
**Families or at least 2 adults


Sleeping Ute Apartments
516 S. Madison St.
Cortez, CO. 81321
Office: (970) 565-4729
**Must have children


Housing Solutions of the Southwest
295 Girard St.
Durango, CO. 81301
Office: (970) 259-1086
Fax: (970) 259-2037

Unlimited Learning Center - Southwest Adult Education
Adult Education for the Four Corners - Where Needs and Resources Meet.
The Way To Your Future: (970) 565-1601
640 E. Second St.
Cortez, Colorado 81321

Serving residents of Southwest Colorado & their families!

The Way to Your Future ...FREE!

*Basic Skills Prep.
*GED Test Prep.
*ESL Classes
*Family Literacy Classes
*Basic Computer skills
*Job Development
*Practice GED Tests

Open Enrollment:
Hands-on (Project-based) Learning Activities
Free child care provided for morning and evening classes

*The Adult Education Program does not discriminate on the basis of
age, ethnicity, gender, religion or disability.*

"No One Who Tries Can Fail."


GED Orientation is held the Tuesday before the test at 9:00 am at Southwest BOCS. Tests will be administered the first Wednesday of each month, September through June.*
For details call: Southwest BOCS at 565-8411, ext 10

*Orientation and tests are given at the Administration Building:
121 East 1st Street
Cortez, Colorado 81321